Mail Rules

Detention Center Inmate Mail Rules

Non-Privileged mail (postcards, letters, greeting cards, etc.) sent to an inmate through the United States Postal Service will be processed off-site and delivered to the inmate on password protected kiosks or tablets.  The MailGuard® service is free.  Non-privileged mail must be addressed as follows:

Inmate’s Name – Inmate’s CFN
C/O Smart Communications
Johnson County Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 9176
Seminole, Florida 33775-9176

You can sign up for a free account at MailGuard® to view delivery status, receive rejected mail notifications and download copies of processed mail.

Non-Privileged pre-approved packages, newspapers and magazines sent by you, shall be addressed:

Your Name – Your CFN
Johnson County Adult Detention Center
101 North Kansas Ave
Olathe, KS 66061

Legal mail (privileged mail) is mail from an inmate's attorney of record.  All legal mail must be clearly marked and mailed through the United States Postal Service and shall be addressed:

Inmate’s Name – Inmate’s CFN
Johnson County Adult Detention Center
101 North Kansas Ave
Olathe, KS 66061

Books, Newspapers, & Magazines

  • Books, newspapers, and magazines require approval from the Programs supervisor or their designee.
  • Publication inserts shall be removed prior to delivery to the inmate.
  • Books, newspapers, and magazines must be sent directly from the publisher using the United States Postal Service. All these items can be denied if found to threaten the safety or security of the facility.

Photos & Postcards

Photographs must be uploaded through Smart Communications. A check of court documents indicating "no contact with children" will be verified.  The following are restricted:

  • Photographs depicting explicit material, inappropriate content, sexually explicit material, weapons, alcohol, or gang references will not be accepted.
  • Any photograph containing clothing that is transparent, provocative, or revealing, such as low-cut, halter, crop or tube tops.
  • Photographs containing shorts or skirts that don't extend past mid-thigh.
  • All subjects in the photograph must be fully clothed.


Packages will not be accepted without prior approval. The definition of a package is any item requiring postage more than the cost of a first-class stamp.

***Should correspondence be totally or partially rejected, a written notice stating the reason(s) for rejection shall be provided to the inmate.***

If you have any questions concerning the mail procedures, please call 913-715-5900.

To appeal a decision regarding returned mail please email [email protected].