Professional Standards

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Unit (PSU) provides the Sheriff’s Office with a thorough, consistent and fair investigative review of complaints and commendations. The PSU is located within the Administration Division of the Sheriff’s Office and reports directly to the sheriff. The PSU has full authority to conduct investigations without interference from any employee.

Professional standards exists to provide the following services to employees of the Sheriff’s Office and the community:

  • To protect the public from misconduct of an employee.
  • To protect the department and employees from false accusations of misconduct.
  • To provide an early warning system of misconduct.
  • To identify organizational conditions that may contribute to misconduct.
  • To acknowledge employees for conduct above and beyond the call of duty.

You can view the annual PSU report as well as the Vanguard and Attorney General Racial Profiling reports by clicking here.

Making a Complaint

The Sheriff’s Office will accept complaints either verbally or in writing from any person including witnesses, uninvolved third parties, outside agencies or anonymous sources. Complaints may be made in person or by telephone, fax, e-mailelectronic form submission or US mail service.

Prison Rape Elimination Act Complaints

For more information on the Prison Rape Elimination Act and how to file a complaint, follow the link below.  

Prison Rape Elimination Act Complaint Process

Racial Profiling Complaints

A complaint of racial profiling against a Sheriff’s Office employee may be made either to the Sheriff’s Office, with the Kansas human rights commission on their website (, or through the Kansas Attorney General's Office on their website (


The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is committed to giving proper recognition to its employees for commendable performances. If you wish to express appreciation or commend a member of the Sheriff’s Office for a "job well done" you may fax, e-mailelectronic form submission or write a letter to the Sheriff or to the Professional Standards Unit.

Professional Standards Unit Contacts