New Century Adult Detention Center

The New Century Adult Detention Center (NCADC) facility was nationally recognized as an award winning design for impressive efficiency, safety standards, work environment and cost savings and received the 1996 AIA (American Institute of Architects) Kansas City Design Award of Merit and the 1997-1998 National AIA Architecture for Justice Design Citation.  The facility was opened for detention operations in the summer of 2000.

Since its opening, the facility has provided a safe, humane, cost effective location to house arrested persons awaiting trial and/or ordered to serve sentences by the local municipal courts and the 10th Judicial District Court of Kansas. 

Our staff are pleased that we meet or exceed all state and federal statutory requirements associated with detention operations.  As an example, the facility has been awarded a certificate of accreditation from ADA Accrediting and Consulting.  This certificate of accreditation represents one of the highest available credentials of facility accessibility.

The facility also is accredited through the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and provides medical, mental health and dental care to the inmate population to meet community standards of care.  These services are provided through contracts with private medical, dental, and mental health providers.

The deputies and civilian staff that operate the facility are committed to public service and exemplify the Johnson County Sheriff's Office motto of "Duty~Honor~Service" through their daily performance of duties.  The jobs these dedicated public servants perform often go unnoticed and unheralded, but they provide an essential public safety function that directly impacts the safety of the citizens of Johnson County.

Our approach toward managing the facility and working collaboratively with staff utilizes principles and concepts that are universal.  We emphasize service to the community; professionalism and integrity at all times; responsible fiscal management; innovation and integration of technology and teamwork.