The Sheriff’s Office serves court orders for the removal of persons from a residence or other place so that the property may be restored to another.

These orders are called Writs of Restitution and they are usually issued as the last step in a legal action by a landlord to take possession of property such as an apartment, duplex, or house. The Writ of Restitution is the order from the District Court Judge ordering the Sheriff's Office to take the action described in the writ.

The eviction process normally begins when the landlord provides tenants with a letter called a “Notice To Vacate”. If the tenants do not comply with the landlord’s demands after three (3) days, legal action may be initiated by the landlord in District Court.

The Clerk of the District Court will issue a Summons and Petition that will require the tenants to appear in court on designated dates so that a judge may decide whether to order an eviction of the tenants.

For more information on the eviction process, contact the Clerk of the District Court at 913-715-3400.

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