Frequent Questions

I am interested in pursuing a career in the forensic science field. What should I do?

Most forensic science specialties will benefit from, if not require, an undergraduate degree in a natural science (chemistry or biology). Crime scene investigation, digital evidence and firearms may benefit from more specialized education and training. Those interested in the DNA/biology field should become familiar with the specific coursework requirements by the DOJ Quality Assurance Standards for DNA Testing Laboratories (Section 5.3). Many educational institutions are beginning to offer both undergraduate and graduate level programs in forensic science. Several things to consider when you are looking for a program is the amount of hands-on laboratory experience provided, who the instructors are and what their experience is, and the list of the courses required to complete the program. The American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) has recently begun accrediting forensic science degree programs through the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC). A listing of AAFS-FEPAC accredited programs can be found on the AAFS website under “Resources”, then "Students" and “Colleges and Universities.”

I’ve got a suspicious liquid/powder. Will you analyze it for me?

We do not accept submissions from the general public. Any submissions to us need to go through the local police department. Our laboratory is only responsible for criminal cases. We do not perform any analyses for civil cases.

I need to get fingerprinted for my job. Can I have that done?

The laboratory does not offer that service. However, the Sheriff’s Office does offer that service through the Personnel Division at the Sheriff’s Office Operations Building in New Century, Kansas.

Does the laboratory provide training?

The laboratory does provide ongoing training open to all Johnson County law enforcement agencies.  Contact the laboratory for more information on the current training schedule, or for other needs specific to your agency.

Does the laboratory provide tours?

Tours of the laboratory are restricted, but may be available based on your organization's need and request.  See the Contact the Crime Lab page for more information on requesting a tour.

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