Sheriff's Records

The Johnson County Sheriff's Central Record Division serves as a repository for all records managed and generated by the Sheriff’s Office.


MAIN LINE:             (913) 715-5460

FAX LINE:               (913) 715-5475

EMAIL:                    UNIT SUPERVISOR               

OFFICE HOURS:    Monday – Friday     8:00a.m – 5:00p.m.     (Closed Holidays)

LOCATION:            Fred Allenbrand Criminal Justice Complex

                                Sheriff’s Operations Building                               

                                27747 W. 159th Street, New Century, KS 66031



  • Police reports may be requested in person, by email, or mail
  • Request for copies may take up to 3 business days          
  • Information and reports on cases still under investigation cannot be released



  • Mail request to:

                Johnson County Sheriff's Office

                c/o Central Records Division

                27747 W 159th Street

                New Century, KS 66031

  • Email request to:

               [email protected]

  • Provide a report number (if available), date, time, location of the incident, name(s) of the person(s) involved.
  • If paying in person via cash, the exact amount is necessary. The Sheriff’s Records Unit does not keep money on site and cannot make change.
  • The Sheriff’s Office does not accept credit or debit cards.
  • Checks and money orders are payable to:  Johnson County Sheriff’s Office



Pursuant to K.S.A. 45-219, requesters are responsible for payment of costs incurred by the Sheriff’s Office in providing access to or furnishing copies of public records, fees are effective 01/01/2023 and based on the following fee schedule:



  • Accident Reports may be retrieved at no charge by visiting the Accident Retrieval link on the Sheriff's Office website                           
  • There is no charge for printed reports that are five pages or less.  Each page after is $0.35 per page
  • Printed photographs are $5.50
  • Video(s) copied to a DVD/flash drive are $22.00 per type  



The requester is responsible for payment of staff time required to search, retrieve, prepare, or reproduce public records.  This may include time spent accessing records maintained on computers or other archive sites, reviewing records to determine whether they contain information responsive to the request or whether exceptions to disclosure apply, and/or redacting closed information from records. 

  • Research:  $34.00 per hour
  • All Other Staff:  Actual hourly rate of compensation  



Payment may be made by cash or check.  Please make checks payable to the “Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.”  Payment of all costs is required prior to receipt of or access to records.  Upon request, or for large document requests, the Sheriff’s Office may provide an estimate of the costs that will be incurred in responding to a request.  The Sheriff’s Office may require advanced payment of the estimated fees prior to gathering the requested records.



Indigent requestors will be provided up to 1 hour of staff time and up to 25 pages of paper copies per calendar month at no charge. This limit applies regardless of the number of separate requests made by the requestor. It also applies to friends, representatives or agents on behalf of the indigent requestor to avoid the monthly limit. 



  • Record checks must be obtained in person by the individual requesting the records during normal business hours. 
  • Only records belonging to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office can be reviewed. For incidents and reports that were handled by a different a city agency or Kansas Highway Patrol, contact the appropriate agency directly.



  • Letters of Incarceration may be obtained at no cost by visiting Inmate Search.   Follow the instructions for obtaining a letter of incarceration - only the prior three years are available online.
  • If obtained in person, report pricing fees listed above will apply.
  • If request is made in person, requestor must have a valid photo ID.