The professional standards maintained by the Johnson County Adult Detention Centers will assure the constitutional rights, personal security and humane detention of those persons incarcerated.

The operations of the facility will ensure that all persons incarcerated are provided with safe, secure and humane treatment consistent with applicable standards, laws and judicial decisions.

In each and every instance, all precautions will be implemented consistent with the responsibility to ensure public safety and to protect the rights of the inmate. Inmates will be classified to the least restrictive mode of housing possible within the guidelines of classifications procedures, with due consideration to the safety of the public, inmates and staff.

The essentials of human life; e.g. medical and mental health care, a clean living environment, nutritional needs, exercise, educational opportunities and religious freedom will be afforded to all within the Detention Center care.

The continuity of family and community contact will be encouraged and maintained by appropriate policies governing visitation, mail and telephone usage.

The staff will participate in the development and implementation of facility goals, objectives, policies and procedures.

The philosophies, goals, policies and procedures of the facilities will be consistent with that of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.