Traffic Accident Investigation Unit

This unit is comprised of deputies specially trained in the investigation of traffic crashes and crime scene mapping. They are equipped to respond to fatality or serious injury crashes and crime scenes in Johnson County. At the request of outside law enforcement agencies, they respond to where the use of forensic mapping equipment would prove beneficial to the investigation. 

The Accident Investigation Unit consists of a Lieutenant, three Sergeants, and six deputies. Deputies assigned to this unit have a minimum of two years of traffic investigation and all duties are in addition to their current assignment. Deputies are trained annually in accident investigation techniques and attend continuing education training courses nationally. The unit maintains two certified Accident Reconstructionists, and five deputies are certified to inspect Commercial Motor Vehicles for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations enforcement. 

The unit uses the latest technology and science in accident investigation. Currently, the SOKKIA Total Station and Visual Statements M-FX is used in scene mapping. All scene diagramming is created using Visual Statements FX3 software.

Traffic Accident Investigation Contacts